Saturday, November 7, 2015

Upcoming Projects

Hey! It's been a long time, but here I am! I've been adjusting to life as a mommy. My sweet peanut is almost eight months old now, and some things are getting easier while others get harder. She's learning fast, and getting really independent. Thanks to that, and the fact that she has a somewhat predictable sleep schedule lately, I've been able to start working on some sewing projects! Here's a timeline for what I'm hoping to accomplish in the next few months. The main projects are all for Elinor, but I have a few side projects for other people as well.

Project 1: I'm hoping to have it done fairly soon-- hopefully before the 15th, but definitely by Thanksgiving. The design is based on this doll dress. Forgive the low quality and blue arrow thing; the picture is a screen shot I took online, and I didn't think to try to find a better photo since this was all I needed to get started on a design.

The doll dress is based on a vintage girl's dress.

Here is my design sketched out, with the fabrics I'll be using. I'm also making a pair of long bloomers to go underneath. I have the pattern all drafted and ready. I'm super excited. If I have enough leftover fabric, I will make a matching outfit for my antique doll Rosie.

I forgot to put the ribbon trim I'll be using, but you get the idea.

Projects 2 and 3: Most Christmas dresses for babies have short sleeves, for some reason, and I wanted Elinor to not freeze in hers. I was inspired by this really pretty plaid fabric left over from a doll outfit I made several years ago. What better way than to use it for my doll baby? I found some lovely gold fabric to go with it, since there wasn't enough plaid left to make a whole dress. I'll also be using the fabrics to make Ellie's stocking. Obviously, the plan is to have these done before Christmas.

Again, I forgot to get the trim in the photo... it's a cream and gold braided cord. Very pretty.

Project 5: This is probably the biggest project I'm planning. It's going to be Elinor's birthday dress! It's going to be super-duper ruffly. I'm really excited about getting the pattern ready and whatnot. I haven't spent quite as much thought on it since my deadline for it is farther away, but I can't wait to start nailing down the details.

These fabrics are very shimmery, so it was hard to get a good photo.
At least I remembered the trim this time!

Side projects: I have a few other projects that I don't have photos for. Christmas presents for my nephews, the long anticipated lighthouse drawing for my aunt (it's almost done, I promise!), a skirt made of neckties form my sister-in-law, a sweater I've been knitting for myself, and a Christmas stocking for my younger nephew. I'll post pictures as I finish each project. It's exciting to finally have ideas and motivation, and to see myself making progress. So... until next time! Thanks for reading!

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