Friday, March 6, 2015

I'm Still Alive!

Hey, readers! It's been nearly six months, but I do still remember I have this blog! Life's been crazy, what with moving, growing a baby, friends getting ready to wed, and whatever else has been going on. My husband and I moved to Michigan, where he finally got a full time job, after months of applying. He's in construction, for anyone that missed the memo, and it's a great fit for him since he's already so good at building things (and he enjoys it too!). We're temporarily staying with family, but it looks like we'll be moving into a new apartment very soon, so with that and the baby's due date coming up, posts here are probably not going to be gaining regularity anytime soon (sorry!) Things are relatively calm right now, though, which has given me time to make stuff! Woohoo! So I thought I'd post about some of those things. Here we go!

Project number one is a wedding gift for some friends of mine, so I'm going to keep it secret for now (I'll probably post pictures after the wedding, since I'll have also done my second stint as wedding florist (well, I made the bouquets, anyway) and my I-don't-know-how-many-th stint as wedding hairstylist. So I'll have more things to post in a couple weeks, maybe.

Project number two is one that has been in the works for going on three years, much to my embarrassment- a drawing commissioned before my wedding, with the proceeds (paid in advance, no less! People, never pay me in advance.) going toward the beautiful circlet I wore. Here's where I am so far, and hopefully it will be done very soon now since I'm on an artsy kick:

Little Point Sable, the prettiest lighthouse in the world.

Not a very good photo, but you get the idea. I think it's going pretty well so far. Now if I can just finish it before I have to move again...

Project number three was not really a planned project at all. My sister-in-law invited me to the new moms' group at her church, and they were doing an art day, pretty much on a whim. The one idea given ahead of time was to think of a word, quote, or scripture that meant a lot and see what it inspired visually. I immediately thought of Psalm 139:13&14, grabbed my stack of ultrasound pictures, and headed out the door with Angie. Here's what ended up happening:

My sweet baby.

This is just what happens when you set free materials in front of me for an hour and a half and say, "Make some art! Have fun!" I don't even know how to explain it. I just hope it doesn't scare people off from making whatever stuff they have fun with... I worry that I intimidate people when I make stuff in the same place other people are making stuff... P.S. it's really hard to express all that without feeling like I'm being a showoff or something, so I guess just enjoy art? Whether it's fine art in a museum, or some silly thing you doodled on a restaurant napkin, enjoy art. If you made it, had fun, and gave it an effort, it's worthwhile. There, I suppose is the heart of the message. And now I'm done waxing philosophical. On with the post!

Project number four is probably the one I'm most excited about. I'm making an old-fashioned christening-type baby gown! I have the pattern all drafted and the materials ready. Here's the design:

Many design options. Also, that is my toe in the bottom corner,
holding the sketchbook open.

The bodice will look like the one labeled Da, drawn with the whole dress. The sleeves will look like the sleeve on the left hand side of the drawing, labeled D1. The skirt will look like the one drawn separately up in the top right hand corner, also labeled D1. If you are having trouble taking the picture apart and putting it back together, I don't blame you one bit. When I post pictures of the finished dress, you'll know what it looks like and that's what matters, right? Also, my pattern and all my fancy trims. I'm so excited to work on this more!

So much lace! Whee!

So that's what my creative life is looking like right now! Hope you had fun catching up! Talk to y'all later (hopefully in less than six months this time!)