Monday, May 25, 2015

New Stuff

Hey! So, I'm back, after many months... It seems that's the pattern. But in these months I've made things! Most importantly, this one:

My little peanut-head! Don't worry, it reshaped back to normal in a couple days.

...but also artwork. I finished two projects in the past few months, and I even took progress shots of each! So, before Dollbaby was born, I made a wedding gift for some friends; they wanted a thumbprint tree in place of (or maybe in addition to?) a guest book, and asked me if I'd make it, so I did! It was a fun and fairly easy project. The hardest part was making sure it was mostly symmetrical.

Preliminary sketch. Apologies for the crummy picture; I was sketching really lightly...
Inked with a sepia Pigma Micron marker. 
Filled in with watercolor.
After the reception with all the leaves added.

So, the day after that wedding, I had a baby. Then I made her a fancy gown! I was inspired by finding my great-great (or maybe my great-great-great?) grandfather's dedication gown at my grandma's house. I'd always thought I'd like to make an old-fashioned christening/dedication gown for my kids, and this was my chance! So here it is, along with plenty of progress shots and pictures showing the construction. Some notes on the construction: 1. I lined it and flat-felled most seams. The only exposed rough edges are inside the sleeves. 2. All the ribbons are tied, not sewn, so that if Handsomeface and I ever have a boy, we can switch the purple ribbons with blue. 3. I used a doll dress pattern as the basis for the pattern I drafted. If you have questions about how I did anything, comment!

Sketching out ideas.
The pattern and trims.
The skirt, all trimmed and tucked.
Another view of the skirt.
The bodice, mostly finished.

Front View
Cuff Detail

Cuff Detail

Cuff Detail
Skirt Trim Completed
Back View
Bodice Back

Bodice Back, open

Inside Front
Inside Front Detail
Inside of Cuff

Inside Back
Inside Back Detail
Dollbaby modeling her gown!

So, that's what I've been busy with! The next projects I'll be working on are drawings, most notably the long-delayed lighthouse drawing for my aunt. Check back in a few months to see how I've progressed! Thanks for reading!

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