Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Recap

Wow... 2015 is over... and what a year it has been! Let's sum up... with pictures!


After living in my generous and gracious grandparents' house for two months, Handsomeface got a full time job with a local construction company. After 2 years and some of working part time jobs with irregular hours, this was a huge blessing. We moved into my generous and gracious parents' house while Michael started working and I looked for housing and got ready for Elinor to arrive. We even got to welcome a new nephew into the world!

Michael at Work

Getting Ready for Elinor!


February was a flurry of getting ready for Elinor. We found an apartment and started looking for a car. Not much else happened, other than getting news that our apartment wouldn't be ready till the middle of March... and Elinor's due date was the 25th! We'd be cutting it close...

Elinor and Me


We didn't even know how close... We went to the apartment the very day they said we could sign the lease and it was not ready... My mom and I spent the next two days cleaning and the day after that we all attended the wedding of two of my dearest friends. I made the mistake of dancing cotton-eyed joe and a polka. I thought it was fine, but... well, you'll see. The next day was moving day! We drove up to my grandparents' house where all our stuff was... Handsomeface and my dad went to get the moving truck, and my mom, sister, brother-in-law, and I went in and started sorting piled-up mail... and then my water broke! Less than seven hours later, we were definitely not moved in, but we finally got to see this little wonder face to face!

Look how beautiful! Can you believe it?
Later that month, we moved into our own apartment and bought a minivan. I could hardly believe how complete life seemed.


In April, Michael and I settled into life as parents. Michael had a birthday, Elinor celebrated numerous firsts (first holiday, first pigtails, first long trip, and many more), and I enjoyed being a full-time mom, despite the crazy sleep deprivation.

Elinor's First Easter


May was full of ups and downs. Our car broke down, but generous family helped us get it fixed. Elinor had trouble sleeping, but she started smiling regularly. I had a birthday and my first mother's day! It was a good month.

Elinor giving me breakfast in bed for my very first mother's day. :)


Elinor started learning like crazy this month! She started getting fascinated by things around her, and learned to roll over. She had her first solid food, which she loved, and started what we hope will be a lifetime of culinary adventures. She started getting better at sleeping, too. Michael got to celebrate his first father's day. (So many firsts this year!)

Elinor and Handsomeface


This month was marked by a visit from faraway family (Michael's sister, to be exact), and Elinor's first trip to the vacation spot of my childhood, Lake MI. Fun and family galore!

First time in the Lake MI Channel!


This month was pretty much defined by teaching Elinor to sleep. So many ups and downs with teaching babies to sleep! But she also started interacting more, both with Michael and me and with her environment. It is just so cool to watch babies learn on a daily basis.

Me and my Ellie.


This month, Elinor learned to say Mama. She played by herself more and more. Michael enjoyed his job and I enjoyed being a mommy. Not very remarkable, but very good.

Yummy feets!


Michael and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary this month, Elinor made mimicking Michael and me a full-time hobby, and we all dressed up for her first Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


I actually got to do a sewing project this month! I feel like this is the month when I really started feeling a routine start to form, as far as motherhood goes. I started accomplishing more than just childcare basics on a regular basis, and started to feel like I could sit back and enjoy watching Elinor learn and seeing Michael be a fantastic daddy. We all enjoyed family time at Thanksgiving, and started gearing up for Christmas!

Elinor wearing my November sewing project.


December was a flurry of getting ready for Christmas. Sewing projects, decorating, baking, shopping... and a glorious flurry of visiting family, both close by and halfway across the country. Watching Elinor experience her first Christmas was a joy to both of us.

Our Christmas Bush

Elinor getting the hang of it.

So that was pretty much our year! Thanks for reading, and may God bless you in 2016!

Lots of love from all of us!

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