Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some Doodles

This is going to be a rather paltry post, but it is high time I write something new. I would post photos of some of the wedding projects I mentioned, but I have been so busy I haven't taken any pictures yet. I'm also out of state and forgot to bring my camera... oops. Don't give up on me though! I have promised pictures, and I will take some as soon as things have settled down, probably in September. Since that's a long time to wait, though, here are some doodles I've done to tide you over, and show how I spent my time during class lectures in years past.

I like designing costumes, especially
medieval ones.

Once I design them,
I figure out how I would
sew them.

I doodled this during an art class in high school.
I like to doodle on empty chalkboards when no one's around, too.

Sometimes my doodles are more bizarre than artistic...


  1. Have you made any of the above doodles into reality?

    1. Not yet, but I'd like to. I've already got an underdress that would work for the more lightly sketched one... though it's brown, and I did originally picture that with a blue underdress. The overdress would be gold, so it would still look nice with the brown, I think.